Baariz is a traditional, herbal supplement, consist of combination of various medicinal plants extracts including Peruvian bark, Clubmosses, Purple coneflower, Bergenia ciliate, Southernwood and White hellebore.

Baariz is an antiviral and immunomodulator, its immunomodulatory effect strengthen the immune system of the body which increase CD4 and TLC. Enables to fight opportunistic infections. It has proven very effective in improving the general well being and quality of patients with chronic viral infections.
Baariz is available in oral capsule form. The Adult dose establisted from clinical trials for Baariz is 03 capsules/day in divided doses to be taken with or without food.

Baariz has been successfully tested for in vitro (laboratory studies) and in vivo human clinical studies and also undergone through various tests from some of the most reputed institutions such as Aichi prefectural institute Japan, Aga Khan University Hospital Laboratories, Pakistan and Karachi University, Pakistan.

Baariz has been used safely in children and it is safe to use with other antiretroviral therapies, no drug-drug interaction has been noted. Its use in pregnancy and lactation has not been established / studied.