To confirm the outcomes of highly bioactive extracts in patients, a medical trial was conducted in according to the GCP – ICH guidelines in collaboration with Japanese researchers. [ref: 1], After taking the brief consent from HIV/AIDS patients. A comprehensive physical examination was carried out in each patient.

All clinical tests were performed in the laboratory of (Aga Khan University Hospital). The anti-HIV (ELISA) positive/Western Blot positive patients were given the herbal extract that had shown remarkable results in in-vitro studies. Bellowing mentioning the graphical presentation of the results.

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In the first study Baariz was tested in 31 HIV/AIDS patients by a remarkable degree of success and marked improvement is patients health, 26 patients became PCR negative in 12 to 18 months of treatment. Alhamdolliha a cure is found. This study was presented in the 5 International AIDS Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Followed by another study in 60 patients which was presented in Rome, Italy in IAS conference. (please see patients reports)

Baariz a cure brings hope and reason to live in the life of the patients with HIV/AIDS. Baariz is available in capsules form to be taken 3 times a day. Being pure herbal in nature it does not have any side effects.

The efficiency of the medicine was not found to be reduced; in the case of the poor drug acquiescence or not taken properly by the patients. Drug was equally effective for HIV patients i.e. HIV-1/HIV2 and all HIV Clades magically (sub-types) in term of vitro studies.