Drug Testing in Japan

To find a definitive treatment of HIV / AIDS, a detailed survey was conducted on ancient manuscripts, literature of herbal and traditional medicine [ref: 1] based on traditional medicine plants review and on our current knowledge a good number of medicinal plants were selected to study their anti HIV activity [ref: 2]. Extracts were obtained from those plants in various solvents, which were later studied using state of the art MT-4 cell line assay for their anti HIV screening potential [ref: 3] [ref: 4, 5 & 6].

in the initial screening procedure moderate to good anti-HIV activity was found in some of the extracts [ref: 7] whereas one extract has shown very high activity against HIV in 16 ug/ml, in in-virto analysis, this extracts was further studied up to 2000ug/ml, and found it safe and effective [ref: 8].

These findings considered as breakthrough and hope for the patients of HIV/AIDS, all these studies were conducted in Nagoya university, Japan with the assistance of Japanese Government.